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Afrika Bağış

Shukr Qurbani (Africa)

Qurbani Offered for Shukr

We deliver your Qurbanis offered in Shukr to the needy in Africa.

Borehole Selman Farisi

Salman Al-Farsi (رضي الله عنه) Borehole


Ethiophia - You can be a shareholder in each Borehole for R300.

Afrika Su Kuyusu

Sponsor a Complete Borehole Project

Sponsor a Borehole as Sadaqah al-Jariyyah for yourself or your beloved ones.

Qur’ân Al-Karîm


Qur’ân Al-Karîm

We are making the holy Qur’an available to Muslims throughout Africa. You too could support Islamic education in Africa, by donating as many copies of the holy Qur’an as possible.

Fidan bağışı

Adopt a Tree

We aim to plant saplings and in doing so leave an inhabitable world for future generations, add value to their lives and uplift the residents of the local communities.

Solar Energy Project

Support the seekers of knowledge in Africa who need light.


You could help raise the next generation of children to become productive individuals with a set of strong morals by supporting their educational needs, thereby enabling them to look at their future with confidence.

Fazilet Calendar

Our auspicious Fazilet Calendar has been in existence for many years. All content is meticulously researched and compiled in a manner that enriches the mind and soul. Our information is curated from the works of scholars of Ahl Al-Sunnah.



Zakâh is to give one-fortieth (2.5%) of one’s wealth annually for the pleasure of Allah. You can discharge your Zakah to those in need.

Health Father

You could also be the kirwa (Health Father) of a boy  in Africa and sponsor their expenses on their circumcision ceremony.

You can add the donation you want to the basket and pay them all at once.


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