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Buyuk Chamlija Socio - Eco - Techno Park

UICT is currently developing a Socio-Edu Campus within a natural ‘well treed’ and ‘leafy‘ learning environment.

The Chamlija Socio Edu Techno Campus is located in Sunderland Ridge - Centurion, 4 kms from Laudium and 24 kms from Pretoria CBD on the R55. UICT is currently developing a Socio-Edu-Techno Campus within a natural ‘well treed’ and ‘leafy‘ learning environment which occupies an area of 68600 m2 and the project is named as “Socio-Edu-Techno Campus” because not only technical-educational facilities but also social activity facilities will be constructed within the scope of the project. The campus will cater for 300 primary and high school students who will live and be taught on-site in this tranquil setting.

Staff accommodation is provided on-site. There will be chalets for visitors located around the dam. Skills training such as farming, catering and hospitality management is offered to the students. The campus will accommodate both theory and practice at the same time.

A Tranquil, well treed and leafy natural environment, conducive to learning and uplifting for the soul. So far, a 1000 m2 orchard-woodland, natural pond, a 670 m2 amphitheatre (with 150 people capacity), a 100 m2 indaba-sohbah and natural picnic areas have been completed within the scope of the project. Furthermore, a 2000 m2 wedding hall, a 1000 m2 abattoir, a 500 m2 masjid with 500 people capacity, a 1000 m2 greenhouse, and a restaurant serving with its coffee shop, confectionery and butchery have been planned within the project and their construction will start soon.

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