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After you purchase a Fazilet Calendar , we will send to your email an Fazilet Calendar Activation Code.

Our auspicious Fazilet Calendar has been in existence for many years. All content is meticulously researched and compiled in a manner that enriches the mind and soul. Our information is curated from the works of scholars of Ahl Al-Sunnah.


Our Islamic calendar is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is available in 17 languages to accommodate a global community. The digital version has been designed to add value to your life through knowledge and spiritual upliftment.


Each day has a lesson drawn from Fiqh, Aqeedah, Hadith Al-Shareef and Ayah Al-Kareemah. It also contains recommended Duas and Ibadahs that can be performed on blessed days and nights.


For your convenience, the mobile app automatically displays Salaah times of various locations and allows you to set an alarm for each Waqt of the day.

Some additional features include a Qiblah compass, content sharing and access to a booked titled “Ilm Al-Hal”.


Our digital Fazilet Calendar is a 365-day life guide for Muslims. It was created to provide knowledge and guidance in an easily accessible manner right at your fingertips.





Step-1: Download Fazilet Calendar from google play. If you already have it installed, please check to see if it is updated.

Step-2: Visit www.fazilettakvimi.com in your internet browser and choose USE ACTIVATION CARD.

Step-3: Enter your email and a 6-character password you want to use. Enter the Activation Code found on your card in the relevant field and choose SUBMIT.

Step-4: After the code has been activated, on the next screen click GO TO THE APP.

Step-5: After choosing your preferred language, click CONTINUE.

Step-6: Once you choose your location, click CONTINUE.

Scenario 2: If you are already a user of mobile app, you can activate in 3 simple steps.

Step-1: Click PROFILE on the app menu.

Step-2: Click USE ACTIVATION CODE on the next page.

Step-3: Click USE CODE after entering your code.

Your daily guide Fazilet Calendar with you every day of the year!

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