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You can bring a smile to the faces of Muslims in Africa by sending them your Fidyah during this holy month of Ramadhan


What is Fidyah?

     Fidyah is a form of compensation given to the poor and the needy paid by those who cannot fast during the month of Ramadhan due to extreme old age and illness where recovery is not possible. It is paid for each fast missed. The amount of Fidyah is the expense of two meals that a poor person may consume in one day to his full. Fidyah should be donated in the form of one Sahur and one iftar meal for one person or one Sahur meal for two people or alternately two iftar meals for two people.

     Such people who cannot fast due to extreme old age or illness are not required to make up the missed fasts later. If it were possible for them to make them up, they would be required to do so. Therefore, it is because they cannot make them up, Fidyah becomes Wajib (required) upon them. This is one of the countless beautiful aspects of Islam which provides ease to those unable to fast.


 The old age mentioned above is the period when a person is so feeble that they cannot even see to their personal needs, which is described with a term called ‘Sheikh al-Faani’. The ill people who have no hope of recovery continue to give Fidyah for each missed fast. However, if they recover and continue to lead a normal life, they are required to make up the missed days of their fast, for Fidyah was given as the person had absolutely no strength to fast. After they have been relieved from the illness, they need to make up the previous missed fast. This is the widely accepted view of the Ulama (Islamic Scholars) although there are few who stated the Fidyah given is sufficient.

     According to Hanifi Ulama (Islamic Scholars), if a pregnant or breast-feeding woman fears that fasting will badly affect her health or that of her child, she is permitted to not fast and make up the missed fasts later. Fidyah is not necessary then.

Let your donations bring them joy!Oruç fidyeniz ihtiyaç sahiplerine ulaşsın

Who Can Fidyah Be Given To?

     Fidyah is given to the poor and the needy. A person cannot give their Fidyah to their ascendants (such as parents , grandparents) and descendants (such as children, grandchildren). Yet they may give their Fidyah to their other relatives, or their neighbours in need. A person may also send their Fidyah to their fellow brothers stranded in remote places.

When is Fidyah Given?

     Just as Fidyah may be given collectively at the start or at the end of Ramadhan, it may also be given daily. If an elderly or sick person passes away without paying their Fidyah, it is not necessary to pay the Fidyah on their behalf.

     During these difficult times when the entire world is going through trials and tribulations, we won’t neglect the destitute who spend their lives under difficult circumstances on a daily basis without adequate food, access to clean water and medical services. We are bringing your support to them and sharing in their joy.

You can add the donation you want to the basket and pay them all at once.


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