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Food Hampers for Africa

     U.I.C.T organises feeding schemes and food hamper distribution programs in Africa all year round in favour of the needy, especially in impoverished regions where the need is more urgent to attend. This is made possible with the continuous support of our benefactors worldwide. During the Holy month of Ramadhan when our food-hampers campaign reaches its peak, we do our best to consider the specific needs of regions and therefore implement tailormade programs for each region. We are at the service of the people of Africa people in Ramadhan, including at Sahur, Iftar, distributions of hot meals and grocery hampers.

     Our permanent staff in the field make sure that the entire operation is in order including the preparation of Iftar meals, the content of food hampers, ensuring that all donations reach to the needy families. After your donation has been delivered to the people, we notify you via SMS or posts on social media to ensure that your donations have reached to their intended destinations. Like is the case in all our projects, in this campaign too, we aim to deliver the donations of benefactors to the needy in Africa at the right time, right place and by the right means.

Would you like to lend a helping hand to the people in Africa?

Aşımızı Afrikalı İhtiyaç Sahipleriyle Paylaşalım!Göndermiş olduğunuz yardımları muhtaç insanlara ulaştırıyoruz.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I donate a food hamper?

The food hampers include essential basic foods such as rice, flour, cooking oil, dates, pasta, and water. The contents of the parcel may vary according to local eating habits in a particular country or region.

  • How can I donate a food hamper?

Click on the below button to donate as many hampers as you wish. ‘Click to Donate a Food Hamper!’

  • Where do you distribute the hampers?

We distribute the hampers mainly in Sub-Saharan countries in Africa.

You can add the donation you want to the basket and pay them all at once.


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