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Health Father

You could also be the kirwa (Health Father) of a boy  in Africa and sponsor their expenses on their circumcision ceremony, bringing joy to their lives.

Our Circumcision Organisation in Kenya has ended on 28 February.
Note: Your kirwa donations after this date will be used for the following circumcision organisation.

We WhatsApp you the photograph of the boy you have sponsored.yes

Why circumcision organisations in Africa?

Find the answer in the video! Watch till the end.

Africa Circumcision OrganisationWould you like to make African children happy on this special occasion?

What is a Kirwa?

Kirwa: In Anatolian Turkish culture, it is the name given to the person who sponsors for the circumcision expenses of a boy. You too could sponsor the circumcision expenses of a boy in Africa and be their kirwa.

Healthy Generations Project

Leading a healthy life is a blessing which every human wants to enjoy. In this regard, we execute medical relief projects in Africa. Among our various medical relief projects, we have now focused on circumcising boys in safe hygienic conditions in response to huge demands that we have received from various countries.

Africa Circumcision OrganisationWould you like to make African children happy on this special occasion?

In most parts of Africa, circumcision is unfortunately a painful and risky practice. However, there are people who practise circumcision with local techniques hoping to gain its medical benefits. Otherwise, children may face the risk of contracting serious infections and even kidney loss. In Africa, circumcision holds a greater importance than one would predict. Considering this need, UICT have started healthy circumcision organisations under the theme of Healthy Generations Project. Through the kind support of our donors, every year we circumcise up to 5000 boys in at least 4 different countries.

In every country that we have conducted our medical programs using modern techniques, circumcision has become a festive occasion for boys and a cost-free convenience for families. Whilst at the same time our volunteer medical teams are teaching local medical staff new technological methods and raising awareness on the matter.

While future is expected to look brighter for Africa, the time of primitive circumcision methods is expected to come to an end. Now pictures of healthy, smiling faces in circumcision celebrations have displayed tremendous hopes for locals.

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