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Nafilah Qurbani (Africa)

The Qurbanis you send year-round are slaughtered with great care according to Islamic principles.

Your Qurbani will be done within 24 hours and you will receive a video via WhatsApp.yes

What is Nafil Qurbani?

Nafil Qurbani: Any Qurbani other than that which is Wajib, sacrificed for a specific intention. Sacrificing a Qurbani is a form of Shukr offered for the blessings Allah (Subhanahu.) has bestowed on people. Sacrifice protects from all forms of physical and spiritual calamities. It is a virtuous act of worship that brings a person closer to (the pleasure of) Allah (Ta’ala). It is advised so that a person may attain such blessings  Sacrifice is offered in Islamic communities considering its customary and shar’ii (religious) benefits. There are numerous types of Nafil Qurbani offered with different intentions. For example: A Shukr Qurbani may be offered on purchasing a valuable thing, a shifa Qurbani is offered for the recovery of an ill person, Aqeeqah is offered when a child is born following the Sunnah of Rasulullah (S.A.W.).   

Your Nafil sacrificial animals are distributed to the needy. In this sense, it holds a great importance in forming a social unity and upholding human values.

Nafil Qurbani

The animals which are suitable for Wajib Qurbani may be offered as Nafil as well. Nafil Qurbanis are offered voluntarily to attain reward and closeness to Allah (Subhanahu)

Let your Nafil Qurbanis bring joy in Africa!You may send any kind of Qurbani to Africa at any time of the year.

Why is Nafil Qurbani Done?

Nafil Qurbani is offered for a person’s specific intentions. It could be done upon achieving a goal, or to offer Shukr (Thankfulness) for a blessing. A shifa Qurbani is done for the recovery of an ill person. An Aqeeqah is done when a child is born.

Who Can Consume the meat of Nafil Qurbani?

The meat of Nafil Qurbani may be consumed by the person who sacrificed it, their family as well as others. However, the best act is donating it in charity. But the most virtuous option would be giving it to students of the Noble Qur’an.

Authorization in Nafil Qurbani

It is best for a person to slaughter their sacrificial animal themselves. However, if one is not able to do so he may authorise someone else to do it for themselves. The appointed person will sacrifice the animal with Basmalah on their behalf.  If the Qurbani is to be slaughtered and distributed at a place where the person cannot witness it, then they authorise someone in  buying the animal, slaughtering it, organising the shares in the case of a cattle and distributing it. This is the case for all types of Qurbani.

Let your Nafil Qurbanis bring joy in Africa!You may send any kind of Qurbani to Africa at any time of the year.

The Virtue of Nafil Qurbani

Sacrifice has numerous physical and spiritual benefits. Firstly, it is an act of worship done to gain closeness to Allah (Subhanahu) which is the greatest blessing for a servant. From a social point of view, it promotes the sense of sharing which helps to establish a society where the social gap between the rich and poor is eliminated.

You can do your Qurbani in Africa

You may send your Sadaqah, Aqeeqah, Shukr, Nafil or shifa Qurbanis to Africa 365 days of the year. We carefully handle your Qurbanis in accordance with Islamic practices  and deliver them to those in need.

You can add the donation you want to the basket and pay them all at once.


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