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Qur’ân Al-Karîm

We are making the holy Qur’an available to Muslims throughout Africa.You too could support Islamic education in Africa by donating as many copies of Holy Qur’ans as possible.

     African Muslims are battling with some challenges when studying the Noble Qur’an as it is the case for them in all aspects of education. While their peers around the world are studying on tablets, they cannot even dream of this possibility. They study the Noble Qur’an and complete their Hifdh on wooden planks called loh.

They need your contributions of more printed copies, Mushaf ShareefsYou too can gift a student of knowledge with a Qur’an al-Kareem.

     The Madrassa teachers obtain a certain type of ink by boiling charcoal ash and write the lesson of each student on wooden planks (lohs) so that they may be able to read and memorise their work. When the students complete their lesson, they wash their loh and return it to the teacher to be used again in the next lesson. As printed copies of the Qur’an were not available, they developed this method to teach their children Qur’an despite the circumstances, which has been used throughout generations.

     Considering educational challenges in Africa, we are doing our best to see their need of Qur’ans through our campaign under the theme of “Educational Support Project”. Our Qur’an al-Kareem campaign continues. They need printed copies of the Holy Qur’an.

You can add the donation you want to the basket and pay them all at once.


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