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Shifa Qurbani (Africa)

All your Shifa  Qurbanis you send year-round to Africa are done strictly according to Islamic principles and and are distributed in destitute regions of Africa.

Once your Qurbani has been done, you will receive a notification video via WhatsApp.

Qurbani Organisations in Africa


There are Islamic principles that must be followed when authorising a person to do your Qurbani. Our UICT team, with an experience of more than 17 years in the field, are personally involved in every step, from accepting the authorization to slaughtering the sacrificial animals and informing the donors after their Qurbani is done. Throughout the year, our permanent regional representatives personally execute your Qurbanis in various spots, be it Wajib, avowed Aqeeqah, shukr and other nafils. 

Qurbani in Africa

What is Shifa Qurbani?

It is the Qurbani that is offered for the recovery of an ill person.

Let your Shifa Qurbanis become a joy in Africa!You may send your Shifa Qurbanis to Africa at any time of the year.

How Does Your Qurbani Reach Africa?

● Send your qurbani through our website or via our call centre.

● Our staff will verbally accept authorisation for the execution of your Qurbani.

● Your qurbani will be sent to one of the countries of Africa.

● After your qurbani has been done, the video of the sacrifice is sent to you via


● The meat is then distributed to the needy.

You may contact us on the numbers below for any queries:

● WhatsApp:  +27 60 700 0606

● Landline: +27 22 487 0210

Prices for Qurbani in Africa

The cost of one qurbani in Africa is R1600, but this is subject to change depending on the conditions of the country. You may pay using your credit card on our website or deposit it to any one of the following accounts.

Bank: ABSA

Acc No: 9347675343

Acc Type: Savings

Acc Name: Universal Islamic and Cultural Trust

Branch Code: 632005

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

(Following your deposit, please call +27 11 487 0210 to give verbal authorisation for the execution of your Qurbani.)


When Will My Qurbani be done?

We may do your Qurbani within 1-2 days, in one of the counties of Africa and we will WhatsApp you a notification video. Urgent Qurbanis may be done in the same day.


Qurbani Preparations in Africa

Your Qurbanis are registered at UICT offices, online through our website or telephonically. UICT staff diligently accept verbal authorisation to execute the qurbani of each person. Representatives in various African countries are notified of the type of qurbani, and are given the authority to sacrifice the animal by UICT officials.

The destitute in Africa are mostly found in the rural regions. Our regional representatives search all surrounding stockbreeding areas to find the most suitable sacrificial animals for our donors.

The sacrificial animals are carefully selected and marked. An excess amount of animal is kept in case of extra demand on Eid day or for unforeseen circumstances. We apprehensive and prepared for the natural kinks that come with the job. Destitute villages are personally visited and the Qurbani meat is individually delivered to those in need.

Once the areas and villages are identified to execute the Qurbani operation, the slaughter areas and equipment are prepared and the UICT team who are permanently on site will personally slaughter the animals together with local volunteers and thus the Qurbanis reach to the intended people.

Let your Shifa Qurbanis become a joy in Africa!You may send your Shifa Qurbanis to Africa at any time of the year.

The Slaughter and Distribution of Qurbanis

Permanent regional representatives of UICT on site, together with volunteers from Turkey inspect the slaughter areas. Then the sacrificial animals are slaughtered by our experienced team on behalf of donors.

Family members and tribal chiefs in every village are communicated through their local languages giving the message that the Qurbanis are gift to them from their Muslim brothers. Our teams do not leave their posts until the animals have been slaughtered and distributed equally. The whole process is handled in this manner.

Notification on Qurbani Sponsorship

This is the phase where we inform our donors conforming that their Qurbani have been done. They will be notified through videos which indicate where their Qurbani have been done.  

The recipients of the Qurbani meat are always grateful for your kind contributions.

The cost of 1 Qurbani is R1600. This amount may be paid in Dollars or Euros as well.

  • You can donate your Qurbani to Africa from our website.
  • You can deposit the Qurbani fee by money order or EFT and call to open an application.
  • Or you can visit our UICT offices and apply for Qurbani in person..

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