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Solar Energy Project

‘Enlighten My Future’ Solar Energy Project -We aim to illuminate homes in Africa

 ‘Enlighten My Future’

As the world continues to progress technologically, 80% of Africans, especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa, do not have access to electricity. They continue in their tough struggle of life, while being deprived of numerous technological means. Power generating resources in Africa are limited and in some areas, almost unavailable which makes living conditions even more difficult . Our trust is extending a helping hand, through your kind supports, to the people in villages with no electricity under our upliftment projects to leave permanent structures.

Africa’s energy problem is huge. It is widely known that the efforts of governments do not suffice to eliminate it. We believe that we can do our bit working locally on places like madrassas, schools, mosques, and clinics.

The seekers of knowledge, the future of Africa, are waiting for your support for a brighter future. These children who need to get a proper education and prepare  for their future are very disadvantaged compared to their peers in the rest of the world. They want to continue reading their books, doing their homework even at night to improve themselves. Your support means a lot to them.

Under the theme of ‘Brighten My Future’ – Solar Energy Project, we aim to work on regions where there is need by installing solar panels to produce electricity, set up lighting and sound systems as well as ventilation fans in places like madrassas, schools, mosques, and clinics.

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